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8 Freelance Writing Trends That Will Dominate The Internet 2021

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Here’s the most compelling evidence. Freelancing has evolved over years. Some things that could give you many top-dollar clients 5 years back, may not be as reliable now. Nevertheless, some things have never changed. Combining those things(I call them freelance writing constants), and observing the changes that have been happening in recent years will help us determine what trends will hold sway in the freelancing writing world in 2019.
Stick with me.

More work for freelancers

The internet is growing pretty fast. The trend clearly shows that people are creating new websites every day and the internet is receiving more users every day.
According to the tweet by Tim Berners-Lee‏, the director of the world wide web consortium(W3C), the internet crossed a 1 billion website mark in 2014.

The most recent Web Server service survey, which Netcraft did in December 2018, is another evidence that shows that in 2019, we should expect more websites, and thus more work for a freelancer. “In the December 2018 survey we received responses from 1,656,556,205 sites, 227,839,033 unique domains, and 8,147,795 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 4.37 million sites, 1.09 million domains, and 98.9k web-facing computers.” Netcraft.
This graph shows the trend from 200 to 2017.

You must have a website to succeed

Having a website is an added advantage for a freelancer. A freelance writer who created a website in 2016 is many miles far ahead of those who started the career in 2000 but don’t have websites.
A website gives you not only exposure and confidence but also a chance to showcase your skills. Other reasons every freelancer must have a website include:
• brand yourself online
• establishing credibility
• connect with prospects with ease
• it’s the face of your freelance business
• establish authority in both your niche and freelance writing career as a whole
• Earn through your website

If you what to create a website and succeed this year, HostGator is the ideal hosting company. Create an account here now, to enjoy the discount.

Copywriting will take over the market.

If you have observed the trend on platforms like Upwork, Fivver, Payperhour, or social media lately, you might have noticed that many clients are looking for email copywriters, lead-generating copywriters, and web copywriters.
Landing pages have also gained popularity in recent years and guess what? Web pages and landing pages require more than just content.
If you want to make handsome money in 2019, establish yourself in copywriting, more so, email copywriting. Why? Companies and websites/blog owners are competing with each other to get noticed online, and the only way to achieve that is by using skilled copywriters to created well-crafted, creative, and conversion-focused copy.

Did you know that the number of emails sent each day is over 55 times more than the number of internet users? Learn copywriting skills to become an in-demand copywriter in 2019.
To know more about the exact number of internet users, emails sent, the current world population and Google searches in real-time, check

Video content will be gold

The human’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter each new day. That said, you should expect to see short (how-to) videos emended in blogs. If you can make videos, 2019 will be your year of success. Companies and website owners need videos to market their services not to mention, many of them are not experts in this field. They will desperately need your skills.
By making videos, I don’t mean creating videos promoting a brand but rather, it means that you should have video editing, captioning, and video script writing skills.
However, if you own a website, you might want to make videos to promote your brand. Video editing and scriptwriting will be goldmine this year.

Digital marketing is a sine qua non to succeed as a freelancer in 2021

Over the last 3 years, more people have joined the freelancing world. By the same token, more platforms have emerged. Which makes it incredibly easy for clients to find freelancers. This means that freelance writing is becoming competitive with time.
To make it as a freelance writer, you have only one option: market yourself/brand. That again, emphasizes why you must create a website.

Writers must find a niche to succeed

Some freelancers think that focusing on a particular niche will make them lose clients, which is absolutely wrong. Trends have changed and unless you adapt accordingly, you will have a hard time convincing prospects that you can actually deliver the services they want so that they can hire you.
Some 5 years back, content mills were so lucrative and people didn’t see any need to find a niche. These days, content mills pay peanuts. Again, content mills can close your account when you least expect. The fact that some of them will not pay you once they close the account is even more painful.
If you’ve been keen, you may have noticed that clients are looking for freelancers who specialize in a particular area. If a client is looking for a copywriter, they will not just indicate that they are looking for copywriters. They say something like,” we are looking for men health copywriter.” Don’t expect the trend to be any different.
Choosing a niche enables you to gain authority and legitimacy in that particular area. Clients know that you are not guessing.

Quality remains to be the King

The internet is full of trashy content already and no serious business owner would want to add more. To stand out, you must provide value to your client.
I believe that the best way to start your career is by looking for a competent trainer to train you on how to create content that clients will love. You might also want to read this blog about how to create content that will wow your clients

Parting thought

2021 is a competitive year for both freelancers and businesses/website owners. Those who will rely on outdated methods will be shocked. By the end of the year, some freelance writers will be complaining about low rates, lack of jobs, and maddening clients, while others will count the year as their year of success.
Knowing the trends above and adjusting accordingly, is the only trusty way that you will succeed as a freelance not only in 209 but also in the years to come. On which side do you want to count yourself this year?

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