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A Lesson from the Ajua and WayaWaya Deal

African techpreneurs and businesses have a lot to learn from Ajua’s acquisition of its key competitor, WayaWaya. One of the key takeaways from the deal is that the time to automate is now.

Ajua is a customer-experience intermediary. It has enabled businesses like Nairobi’s Java House to collect real-time customer experience and perfect their services. It is currently expanding to other African countries.

 WayaWaya is a local machine learning firm. It focuses on the instant, automated cross-border and social media payments.

Ajua acquired WayaWaya on 28th April 2021. Kenfield Griffith, the founder of Ajua, said, “The acquisition of WayaWaya is an important milestone for us, as we make a significant leap in ensuring the customer experience journey for businesses across the continent is seamless.”

The deal is a typical example of local firms building competitive powers to be at the forefront of Africa’s digitalization. It comes at a time when Africa’s e-commerce is at its peak.

Businesses that automate have remarkable experience collecting their customers’ experiences across websites, social media, and SMSs.

As a small business owner, you can grab this opportunity and perfect relationships with your customers. And the best part is that happy customers become repeat customers and lead magnets.

It is also a motivation for local software developers and techpreneurs. With Nairobi being the Silicon Valley of Savannah, you are right to pump your skills and funds into automation.

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