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A Super Thief and a Conman: Miguna Miguna Tells Kirubi and Jakoyo Midiwo to Rot in Hell

Once a prominent person passes away, many people take to social media to encourage the family and send condolence notes. In most cases, people shower praises on him or her about how a good a person he /she was. It was not different for Chris Kirubi and Jakoyo Midiwo.

Kenyans have wished them to rest in peace and sympathized with their families. However, Miguna did it differently when he decided to attack them and said that people need to be told the truth regardless of whether someone is dead or alive.

On his Twitter page, Miguna called Chris Kirubi super thief and said that he took part in destroying Kenya and thus causing the many problems Kenya is going through now. He said that Kenyatta, Kirubi, and Moi store is more than enough to transform Kenya. The troubled Kenyan politician noted that it is critical that people talk the truth for the sake of future generations.

Miguna Miguna On Twitter

Miguna also served Jakoyo his dose. “Jakoyo Midiwo’s EPITAH: There lived a hopeless Luo drunk who stumbled his way to Parliament and died a millionaire because Africans still worship myths constructed by conmen in order to keep the vast majority of hard-working people POOR. FREEDOM IS COMING!”

Surprisingly, Many Kenyans seem to be supporting Miguna and many are praising him of telling the truth even when people least expect it.

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