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BBI: Has The Revisited Revisited the Revisitor? High Court Rules Against BBI.

The building bridges initiative (BBI) is one of the most controversial things in Kenya currently. One of the things that Kenyans don’t understand is whether there are hidden agendas behind the BBI. There have been allegations that the president bribed MCAs to pass the bill. The most recent case is when Moses Kuria admitted that they received 100k to pass the bill.
Nonetheless, various petitioners have filed cases against the initiative presenting 17 things to prove that the BBI is unconstitutional. On 13th May 2021, a bench comprising of five high court judges made it clear that the initiative did not follow the constitutional requirements.

According to Justice Jairus Ngaah, “The President has no power to initiate changes to the Constitution. A constitutional amendment can either be initiated by a parliamentary initiative or the popular initiative.” It is clear that the BBI initiative is neither a Parliamentary nor a parliamentary initiative. On the contrary, it is initiated by the president which goes against the law. On that note, the bill is “IRREGULAR, ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!”

As usual, Kenyans don’t disappoint. Many have posted on social media 99% of them expressing their gratitude to the high court for not considering the views of an individual but rather considering the constitution and the views held by a huge percentage of the Kenyan citizens. Uhuru Kenyatta had promised to revisit the judicially after it declared elections null and void. This leaves many with the question, “Has the revisited revisited the revisitor?

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