Break That Glass Ceiling: You Cannot Play Safe Forever says John Maxwell

Breaking The Ceiling Adobespark

There is a level in life where it feels as if there is a stubborn permanent ceiling over you. You try so hard but you can break that glass ceiling. This happens in every area of our lives. It could be financially, you work, you make money, you use it all, you borrow, you pay (or not) and the cycle goes on.

It seems like you are hitting your head against the ceiling. This happens a lot at work, you work hard, long hours but no one seems to notice and you feel stagnant. Your attempts to rise the ladder end up frustrating you further.

John Maxwell calls this “sap strata.” It happens for institutions and individuals as well. What most people do is settle, start complaining, become bitter, and sink into depression.

It does not have to be this way. Maxwell advises. “We have to make an extra burst of effort to get through those strata.” He adds.

Change the Situation

There are two ways to get through this season. One is to change the situation. This is a temporal solution but it eases the tension. Changing the situation means taking actions such as taking a holiday, or switching departments at work. The ceiling will be moved a bit but has the problem been solved totally? What if the problem re-occurs?

Change Yourself

Solution two is better and is more permanent. For you to break that glass ceiling and to continue having a productive life, you have to change. Here are a few things you can do:

Restructure your goals – break them into smaller milestones that can easily be reached. Start working towards them starting with the smallest goal.

Celebrate every success – For every little achievement, reward yourself for the effort. This art of self-motivation is magical.

Actively seek support – call your mentor, rally your friends to keep you accountable. Do not struggle alone, ask for help and remember to accept it even if it does not come the way you perceived it.

Finally, recharge – affirm yourself, rest, hydrate, exercise, sleep longer, get a massage, meditate, journal, take a break from work, etc. Whatever you do, find a way to rejuvenate.

One last word, never ever give up. If you do, you will never break that glass ceiling and taste the sweet fruits of success.

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