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Breaking: Good News for Kenya as the Safari Rally will be held in Kenya Every Year From Now to 2026.

The Safari rally returned this year after 19 years of absence. Many Kenyan’s and other rally enthusiasts went to Naivasha and they were not disappointed. Actually, they got more than they anticipated. The Naivasha Safari Rally has served us and the world at large with the best spectacles, more than we had even imagined. Additionally, the drivers have said that this year’s racing has been more challenging than any other racing they have done.

On Sunday, President Kenyatta announced that an agreement has been reached between the Government of Kenya, FIA, and WRC that the Safari rallies shall be held in Kenya for the next 5 years consecutively. This is great news for Kenya considering that the rallies attract many local and foreign tourists and thus generating a lot of income for the country.

Kenya is the only country in Africa to get a chance to host WRC championship and the second in the Global south to get this chance. It is expected that next year, the country will be more prepared and the world should expect more spectacular scenes.

Nonetheless, this year’s rally has had many challenged including a crash that led to a bad injury of one of the Rally drivers Tejveer Rai. Kenyan’s hope that next year’s Safari rally will be haired live after KBC promised then live coverage only for their equipment to break down in the middle of the race.

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