COVID 19: Philanthropist Wanja Mwaura Asks Kenyans to Pray for Her as She Fights for Her Life.


Do you remember Wanja Mwaura; the lady who helped her primary school friend (Patrick Hinga) recover from drug addiction? She is fighting for her life and she needs your prayers. Wnaja Mwaura is one of the good-hearted Kenyans out there. This is evident because she has helped several people who are in need.

One of the things she did that touched the hearts of Kenyans was helping her early hood childhood friend recover from addiction and regain his health. Although he passed away days later Wanja had done all she could. Another thing was helping a woman who was seen pulling a cat open a grocery through the help of other well-wishers.

Nevertheless, Wanja and his son have been sick for a while. The son was discharged but Wanja is still fighting the disease. At first, she told Kenyan’s to keep warm but now she feels she have to tell Kenyans the truth.

Tonight has been the most roughest night for me. I have been unwell because this covid 19 demon has hit me hard. I’m not gonna hide my status in fear of being stigmatized. It is the way it is.”

Moreover, Wanja has noted that it’s not an easy fight and she feels that she might give up as she is always gasping for breath.

“I want to give up now. Done my best fighting. No longer strong enough to keep up the fight. Am down to my very last. I need to rest from this pain n discomfort. I am tired.”

Although you may not have seen anyone suffering from covid 19, just take the required precautions and keep your family safe. Most importantly, pray for Wanja and other Cociv 19, Patients.

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