Covide-19 India: Suspension of Flights from India to Kenya to take effect from Saturday.

India has been soaring with the cases of COVID-19 infections and still is, and these harrowing scenes have shocked the world. The outbreak is not just a crisis for India; it is a crisis for everybody. The World Health Organization chief scientists say the virus does not respect religion, sex, age, nationalities or borders, which means everyone should be worried about it.

The virus is now playing out in India, and it has played out in other countries. This does not only show how interconnected the world is but also shows that Covid-19 is real. There are high chances that countries with high levels of infection will spread it to other countries.

The government might have placed travel restrictions, asked people to wear masks and quarantine people, but infections will still leak out. This is evident in the most recent flight to Hong Kong from New Delhi, where 50 passengers tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, the Kenyan government has suspended the flight to India. The suspension will be effective from Saturday, which means flights will continue until Saturday.

The residents of India are adapting to the new normal of social distancing and lockdowns but are also open to vaccination. However, vaccination is happening very slowly in India, with less than 10% of the population receiving the first dose and less than 2% being fully vaccinated. Even with the vaccine and restriction measures. Is it wise for government to allow flights until Saturday?

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