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Everything You Need to Know about Trello, and how to Use It

Things are moving quite fast in this digital age. The only way to be effective in a so fast-paced era is by being well-organized. Individuals, small businesses, and big corporations need to find viable means to enable them do things in orderly and effective ways. Additionally, Corporations have many projects and tasks to be undertaken every day, which makes it awfully hard to manage without the use of flexible web-based software. Using project management software is a great way of eliminating chaos in your life and work.
Although project management tools are so many out there, very few of them can actually meet all your needs in one go. If you are looking for an app so that you will not have to switch between different communication platforms and apps, Trello is one of the best tools for organizing your projects and time.

What is ‘this’ Trello?

Trello is a project management visual tool/web-based software that enables people and corporations to manage all their tasks in one place. In essence, although Trello is a task management system, it involves more than just managing tasks. It entails a blend of both scrum and agile approaches and so it’s pretty handy for almost everything from managing complex projects to organizing small tasks like planning wedding events.
More than 35 million users use Trello to manage their projects worldwide. What’s more, the app is pretty useful regardless of whether you want to use it to manage tasks at work or home. All things considered, it has a lot to offer both for individuals and organizations.

Benefits of Using Trello


Sign in with your Google account

Nothing is more irritating than having to enter different details in every app you log into, every time you want to login. Thankfully, Trello gives you a chance to log in with your Google account, and this feature makes it incredibly convenient to use. Also, it keeps the app in sync across all your devices so you can collaborate with your team irrespective of where you are in the world. That’s pretty cool, right?

Elegantly Simple App

Perhaps elegant simplicity is what makes this app favorite to many. It’s not just easy to set up an account but also it is super easy to use. The fact that it is a simple app doesn’t imply it can’t sustain the growing market.
It features a click-and-drag functionality, which gives a great user experience. Instead of clicking, opening, and changing the status of a card, you just need to drag a card from in review to done, from in progress to in review et cetera.

Members in a list will get notified about the activity and this makes the use of this app even more convenient. If you are sick tired of slapdash apps that have too little to offer, and dreadfully complicated layouts, Trello is your go-to system. The simple layout makes it elegant and manageable.

It’s Free

Free. And yes, you read that right. Many apps out there have basic and premium versions but many of them offer a very unhandy free version. Well, this is not the case with Trello. The free version can do pretty much everything that you want to do. Unlike many platforms that have popups and ads, which make them really annoying, Trello doesn’t have any ads or those irking popups.

Regardless of whether the business is in the black or in the red, this App got you on your project management. Nevertheless, the basic version allows you to share your boards with one user only.

Stay Away from the Stress of Managing Multiple Platforms

The cards give the members a chance to comment on each task. This makes it easy to manage the task since all the communication remains centrally located. Instead of dealing with members on different platforms, you can see all the comments, and respond on that card. To stay on top of the progress of the task, members should subscribe to the card.

How to use Trello

When you signup and login into your Trello account, you will initially see a section where the boards are displayed. From there, you create a team, create boards under that team, create lists under the boards, and then create cards under the lists.

As an illustration, a board is made up of lists, which basically represent the workflow. A card is a small unit on a board, which represents a specific task. A single unit can hold a variety of information for that particular task. To add a task to a board, you need to create a card, add a title to it, and then add the required information.
To add this information, click the card to open the card’s back-end. Basically, you can edit all the aspects of the card from the card back. For instance, you can change the title, add a description to the card, and provide more details or instructions about the task. Moreover, you can add checklists, to the card. This enables you to create subtasks or steps that members should take when undertaking the task.

After you have finished creating the task, the next thing is adding new members to the card in order to assign them the task. The members you add will receive notifications for every change made in the card, both within Trello and also via email.

If the task has a deadline, you can add the due date to the card to inform the members that the task must be completed before the due date. As the project progresses, you can move the cards across different lists, by clicking and dragging them. Also, you can add a member by clicking the add members button, and then searching using either their email addresses or their username.

Another cool thing about Trello is that you can add a member to the board even if they are not members of Trello. You just search their name and then invite them to join. If the board is for an organization, the app will recommend organization members as potential board members. Couldn’t be better, right?
Also, you can create lists that are not a part of the workflow. For example, you can create separate lists to act as a depository for documents, ideas, and other important resources.

To add more functionality to the board, the board’s menu has many features and settings you can use to customize the cards. Other features include:

        • Power-ups. Use them to enhance the functionality of the board. Also, customize the workflow by adding custom fields.
        • Stickers: adds visual information and emotions on cards.
        • Filters: enables you to prioritize and focus on the most relevant cards on the board
        • Archive: instead of deleting cards, you archive them so that you can retrieve them anytime you need them in the future. So you don’t have to worry about losing tasks. If a team member deletes a card mistakenly, you can access and recover it whenever you want. Space is literally inexhaustible so you don’t have to worry about filling up space.

Trello is a favorite app to many and it is easy to understand why. Apart from being cheap and affordable, Trello is incredibly easy to use. You can see at a glance what has already been done, what hasn’t been done, and when it needs to be done.

Although the app has many powerful features there have been complaints among users due to draconian and irrelevant notifications they get, and the fact that if you want to turn off notifications, you have to do it on each card. Well, there is no such thing as perfect. Forthwith, Trello is undeniably worth your time.

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