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Exposed: Meteorological Department Director Stella Aura Attempt to Register as a PLWDs After Twisting her Leg

Stella Aura Image Adobespark

The soon-to-be 60 years Stella was appointed as director 2 years ago and is meant to retire in December. Her registering as a PLWDs was meant to push her retirement to 65 which is the legal retirement age for PLWDs.

Stella Aura has surprised Kenyans with her actions as she went to get crutches to prove her disability status. They condemned her actions bitterly sighting her conduct as one of the reasons youths are not getting employment vacancies.

“It is only in Kenya where youths are busy doing kazi mtaani yet those who are supposed to retire are extending their retirement age by pretending to be disabled.” Tweeted an agitated Collins.

This is a risky move for Stella as her case could easily end her term early and cause her to lose her retirement benefits if the office considers it a corruption case.

Unconfirmed romours suggest she has misappropriated funds in the department. If this is true, Stella just sent herself to hell.

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