Fans Smell a Rat as Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika’s Pregnancy Period Is Long Overdue

Vera C Min

For over 10 months now, veronica Shikwekwe (Vera Sidika), A popular Kenyan so iolite and a businesswoman, has been claiming to be pregnant and promising the fans that the bundle of joy is due soon. Nonetheless, fans have grown impatient as the pregnancy seems to take too long. While some feel that Vera sidika is perhaps not pregnant, others feel that probably she didn’t know the time when she got pregnant.

What’s making the fans even more curious is the fact that vera said she will not wait for the due dates. On the contrary, she promised to go for a Cesarean section rather than doing the normal delivery. So, some feel that it was just photoshop.


Well, vera has been happy all along and seems to enjoy the pregnancy [eriod. Nevertheless, the fans are tired and they want to see the results. Some even feel that the baby is not brian Mauzo’s as the dates are clearly not adding up according to the promises they gave to the fans. From the look of things, the baby is not even due soon. Perhaps, she knew that by giving the wrong dates, people will grow anxious and she will get even more views.


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