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Flying Car Completes a 35 Minutes Test Flight

Flying Car On Air Adobespark

A flying car designed and tested in Slovakia by Stefan Klein has successfully flown between two airports in 35 minutes.

“The aircraft can reach approximately 106 mph and offers a pleasantly good ride.” Said Klein. It took him $2.3 million and 2years to design and build it.
Klein designed the aircraft with a BMW engine. It could fly 8,200 feet and can fly up to 600 miles and runs on regular petrol.
The plane takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds to transition from a car to an aircraft. As he tested the aircraft earlier for reporters to see, Klein noted the car is not ready to fly yet. “It requires a runway, and it cannot take off and land vertically.” Said Klein.
One of Klein’s investors Anton Zajac told BBC reporters that the company is hoping to attract a percentage of the global airline sales. “If we could convert just 5% of the orders in the United States only, there’s a huge market.” Argued Anton.
Stephen Wright, an expert researcher in aircraft complimented the aircraft’s appearance. He however questioned its certification. “I can’t wait to see approval papers showing the aircraft is safe to fly and sell.

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