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Hashtag Love? Bahati Not Sure Whether Diana Loves Him Back, To Take Time Off Social Media.

Love is a complex thing and unless you are ready for the consequences, never play with fire. This is even more so when it moves from lovers to a married couple. It is easier to think that exposing your love life to social media to boost views and get money is the best decision but in the real sense it is the exact opposite. Lasting relationships require privacy.

Recently, there seems to be a new wave where publicizing marriage on social media is a great way to get a following. Many Kenya Celeraties have created shows where they show things that happen daily in their love life.

Well, if you want a peaceful lasting marriage, don’t publicize your marriage. Why? you will have nothing to prove. making your love life a hashtag is a huge blunder unless you are very prepared for the repercussions.

Bahati and Diana have one of the most controversial marriages in Kenya due to their age difference. However, it seems they realized no fame is bad fame and seized their moment to create the Bahati show, a show that revolves around their perfect love life.

Nevertheless, Bahati shocked the world when he posted on Instagram that he is not sure whether true love exists after all. This is a contradiction considering he is always talking about how perfect their love is.

In his post, Bahati wonders whether the person he loves actually loves him back. “Have You Ever Asked Yourself What True Love is! Does it exist and Does the Person Who always Say to you “I LOVE YOU ” ever Mean it???” Bahati.

He proceeds to show his doubts by saying that perhaps if you die today, the person who claims to love you will just mourn for a day then replace you with another person. “It’s always hard to think About this but if God Decides You will Die today; For how Long Will the Person You Love Mourn You… Cry for You or they Will immediately Replace Your Love for Someone Else!!!”

A couple that many people admire is that of nameless and Wahu, nevertheless, they seem to have noticed the goldmine they are missing out on by not publicizing and monetizing their marriage and therefore creating their show.

Well, if you are strong enough, monetizing your marriage is a lucrative business in Kenya now. Nonetheless, it’s not a great idea if you want to have a long-lasting marriage. What’s your take?

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