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How corruption is taking Shape at the WRC Safari Rally



The World Rally Championships (WRC) safari rally presents Kenya with an opportunity to showcase its magnificence as a top tourist destination. However, retrogressive thinkers in leadership positions are hell bent at seeing the country fail.

Despite making heavy losses, Kenya Airways has embarked on a sponsorship program in the WRC. The national career has settled on the sons of rally stars Azar Anwar and Phineas Kimathi. Well, sponsorships are highly recommended. However, are there no better drivers worthy of the sponsorship?

To make the sponsorship happen, KQ paid $100,000 (ksh10,700,000 ) to acquire the car for the duo. Apart from purchasing the Ford Fiesta ST3, all other modifications and maintenance will be conducted by the airline.

The decision to undertake sponsorship responsibilities amidst the financial position inspires the question: has the senior management at KQ misplaced its priorities? Can’t they concentrate on developing strategies to revive the former pride of Africa? Is this a diversionary tactic to loot taxpayer’s money?

It is quite evident that KQ’s leadership and the government are unwilling to revive the company. The ignorance levels being portrayed by leaders across all sectors IS more than baffling. Nevertheless, one thing remains for sure, the corrupt cabals running the affairs of Kenya Airways will never face justice.

Apparently, coming from an influential and corrupt person in Kenya earns you instant gratification!

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