How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes – Munge Wachira Opens up on His Keto Diet and Walking Lifestyle

Munge Wachira

This is a huge milestone for the 44-years old Munge who had an alarming diagnosis five years ago. “If you don’t do something about your health, you are not going to see your 45th birthday.” Munge was warned. This shook him even though he comes from a family with a diabetes history.

“I was 39 at the time, weighing 84 Kilograms, living in laxity, and taking lots of food and alcohol. My blood sugar level was at an all-time high of 9-10mmols/liter which is double the recommended range.” Said Munge. It took him another four years to finally spin out of pity and do something besides taking medicine.

“In 2019, I lost my father to a stroke, and as reality sank, I decided to change my life.” Says Munge.

Last Sunday 27th June 2021, Munge walked 77.03 kilometers in 12 hours and 23 minutes. He beat all his former records for distance, speed, time, energy levels, and resilience. Celebrating this milestone, an excited Munge posted on Facebook for his fans to see. “I have walked 69.24 Kilometers from Kahawa Wendani to Muranga more than six times since last year.

Diabetes is a pancreas disease. If not well-managed. It is known to cause visual loss, stroke, heart attack, and nerve damage among other diseases. The good news is with proper weight management, a healthy diet (minimal or no carbs), and exercise, there is hope for remission.

Type – 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. This is good news to patients as they can attain remission by adjusting their lifestyles.

Munge has now found a new purpose. He uses social media to share his journey, recipes, and routines to encourage, and motivate other people.

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