Is being a Group Admin an Achievement? Cyprian Nyakundi Ask A Woman Bragging About Being an Amin.

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While we have some Facebook admins who are understanding and able to create a community where people engage constructively, others think that being a group admin is a huge achievement and that they have the capacity to bully people around.

After the news surfaced of the death of Leah Wangari, the original founder of Kilimani Mums Uncensored, a certain woman known as Kelitu Kaseo has claimed that she is the owner of all Kiliman Mums groups that have ever existed (Groups that have explicit content). Since yesterday, she has been going around the internet confronting those who suggest that the original owner was Leah Wangari.

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Despite the fact that she is the admin of the new pseudo group, Kilimani Mums, many feel that she should not try to discredit the original owner of the Kilimani mums Idea although she is dead; it’s just not right. She has confronted Daily Post Spot, Cnyakindi.com, and K24 for allegedly claiming that the original group belonged to someone else. After the woman confronted Cyprian Nyakuni, the blogger lectured her telling saying that being an adding is not a big achievement.

What she doesn’t understand is that there was an original group with a huge following that was taken down by Facebook for perhaps explicit content. Many have vowed to report the group has there is nothing substantial discussed in the group. “We have seen Facebook take Big groups like group Kenya down,” Nonetheless, K24 used the wrong image when creating news about Leah.
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