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It Began As A Love Spree, Now Caroline Kangongo Is Becoming a Serial Killer

Carol Kangongo


Since the killing of police constable John Ongweno, Caroline Kangongo has been on the run, and the police are you to determine her whereabouts or at least predict where she may go next. Kangngo has been traced in different locations but the police usually arrive when it is already too late.

Kangongo is not only wanted for the killing of John Ongweno but also the murder of 23-year-old, peter Ndwiga. Ongweno’s body was found in his car on Monday morning and Ndwiga’s body was found in a hotel room in Thika with bullet wounds on his head. It is believed that Kangongo is on a mission to kill those with whom she has had an intimate relationship.

Kangongo was located in Kisii a day after she was captured by a CCTV camera leaving a hotel in Thika. Later on, she was located in Kawahwa Wendani and then in Kisii. Since then, the police are not able to track her phone. It is believed that she keeps buying new sim cards, calling their victims, and then destroying the cards. For that reason, the police have a hard time locating her.  Detectives have labeled Kangongo as armed as dangerous.

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