It’s an ‘Un-usual’ Back to School Week as Parents Struggle to Raise the Required Fees, Buy Books for the New Academic Year, and Upgrade Uniforms.

Back To School Image

This is a tough week for most parents as they have to raise the required fees, buy books, uniforms, and provide pocket money for boarding school kids. Most schools have demanded fee payment in full as the term begins to avoid sending kids home in between the short term.

The term will only run for two months with a short 3-day midterm towards the end of August. Another term begins on October 1st. This exerts extra pressure on parents as they try to balance school needs in these harsh economic seasons.

“The interesting thing is our school fees have been increased despite the term being shorter. We are expected to pay more fees for a shorter term.” Lamented one parent in Nakuru town.

Book shops and uniform outlets have recorded an increase in sales although most parents cannot exhaust the lists of items issued by schools. Most parents have opted to buy used books from back-street vendors to minimize costs.

Education Cabinet Secretary had earlier indicated that the government will provide textbooks for all learners. Despite this, schools have issued long lists of required books.


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