It’s That Time Again: Weird Deceptions Politicians Will Use Before 2022 Elections

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Politicians use various ways to manipulate the masses and win their hearts. Sadly, many of the ways these politicians use are deceptive and seldom honest. Kenyan politicians are no exception. With the general elections of 2022 fast approaching, politicians will not only use the linguistics of mass persuasion but will go deeper into using other means.

One of the most common things Kenyan politicians use to deceive the voters is pretending to be poor and at the same level and the other citizens. For instance, Isaac Mwaura has been quiet all along but with the elections nearing, he has come out to physically help people clean and repair the roads in Githurai. Also, photos of Waiguru serving tea perhaps in a Kibanda have emerged and many are not pleased.

Time Again Min Min
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Presidential candidates are no exception. The deputy president Wiliam Ruto is one of the politicians who have been so effective in persuading people that he is one of the hustlers and that they should elect him since he is one of them despite the fact that he has a lot of money. Raila Odinga has also tried to deceive people by showing how much he cares about the ordinary citizen. He even went ahead and gave a cow to an older woman some months ago.

With all these things happening, it is upon the people to decide which politician has people’s interest amongst all those who use deceptive ways to get followers. In the coming months, people should expect to receive gifts, politicians to ride on bikes, sleep in madhouses, eat at Kibandaski, walk for long distances, eat mutura, and much more.

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