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Kenyan Youths Agitated with KBC Revamp; a Road sign as a Logo, a Very Limited Budget, and Recycled Journalist


It is expected that whenever an upgrade is done on something, it gets a new look, a better look. This is because the main purpose for upgrading or rebranding is to retain the current followers and still get the new followers who will like the new look.

Once a leading Kenyan news TV channel KBC Chanel one has tried to make a comeback by announcing that they have relaunched the company. Many were full hopes especially after they heard that one of the best shows Vioja Mahakamani will be hired again.

Nevertheless, very little seems to have changed and if something has changed, it has changed for the worse. For instance, the previous KBC channel one logo looked thrilled and many could identify with it. After the revamp, the current logo is a road sign with only the words changed.

Also, Kenyans have noted that KBC has recycled the old journalists instead of giving a chance to the young generation that is up on with the current technological and social changes. For that reason, many youths have taken to social media to express their displeasure with the new changes.

It is also clear that KBC has a very limited budget to the extent of being unable to hire a professional to design a professional logo for the company. Additionally, only the paintings have changed and KBC is showing a very small space perhaps the only place that has been revamped. Nevertheless, I feel that KBC will be one of the best channels in Kenya.

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