Birthday Suits: Kenyans Have Developed New Culture Of Leaking Nudes

Leaked nudes Kenya


In Kenya, having an affair outside marriage or having jealous friends can be the cause of your downfall. Over the past years, the rate at which nude pictures and videos are getting leaked is alarming. Recently, former UNCTAD boss and presidential hopeful Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi enjoyed his fair share of fame after his nudes went viral.

Also, socialite Bridget Achieng had her nudes leaked which prompted her to sell her son’s Instagram account. Both cases point to a growing trend of blackmail.

In Mukhisa Kituyi’s case, the slay queen who leaked the images went berserk after the sponsor did not part with sh 1 Million. In Bridget’s case, her friends seemed disgruntled after she did not give in to their demands which prompted the leaks.

Unlike western nations where nude leaks are a common publicity stunt, our culture does not support such behavior. Leaking nudes without the owner’s consent is not only legally wrong but also morally unacceptable.

It is essential that Kenyans avoid this nonsense of using someone’s nude images to settle scores or achieve economic gains. The government ought to introduce laws that will see small-time clout chasing like leaking nudes become heavily punishable. Apparently, we should adopt the culture of leaving cameras outside the bedroom.

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