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Love in the Air: It’s Jemutai’s Birthday and Hamo Can’t Keep Calm

For the last two months, Hamo and Jemutai have been in the limelight for what seemed like blood between them. Jemutai took to social media and said that she was broke and her babies’ daddy had neglected his duties.

Kenyans slammed Hamo for not being a man enough and this prompted Hamo to ask for DNA tests which came out 99% positive. After that, Prof Hamo was sacked from hot 96 radio under unclear circumstances. Although it was claimed that Hamo was underperforming, there were rumors that the Jemutai Saga had and hand in all that.

Well, Things seem to be going back to normal. Hamo apologized; Jemutai forgave him and said she could have more kids with Hamo although she was not ready to have more kids, yet. Today, on 29th May, it’s Jemutai’s birthday and Hamo can’t keep calm.

He has surprised his fans with a thrilling message to Jemutai. “Help me wish this amazing mother the funniest person I’ve ever had the luck to share life with and all round supper woman a happy birthday
Welcome to the third floor ntakuonyesha watu huka wapi 😂😂😂 #TheHangOut” Hamo.

This leaves Kenyans unsure whether all the saga was actually true or scripted to get more views. We all understand Covid made things tough for everyone and Kenyan celebrities are known to anything at their disposal to survive

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