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Madness? Malawi Allegedly Ships a Huge Rock Abroad.

Sending a specimen to the laboratory for testing is not a new thing. However, it’s totally a new case when a 1 tone rock is sent to the lab for testing. Malawi has allegedly sent a rock they suspect to be a mineral to China for testing.
Many people on social media don’t seem to agree with the move as many feel that Malawi’s Ministry of mining is leading in destroying the country. On the truck, people are seen confirming that the rock is ready for shipping. It is alleged that one of them is Malawi’s Minister for mining, Rashid Gaffar. The others are top-ranking officials from the ministry.

The question that many are asking is, why didn’t they just send a sample if at all they wanted to know if the stone contains valuable minerals. Sadly, many African leaders are not enlightened. Let’s say that it’s found out that the rock has minerals, what will happen? Probably, they will invite Chinese Miners to do the remaining task Surely, Africa needs to go back to the drawing board. The leaders elected are a letdown.

Those who claim to be learned have nothing to over. Evidently, those who try to be innovative are primary school dropouts. All graduates can do is assemble things manufactured in other countries and claim to be engineers, biologists, chemists, etc. This is sad.

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