Mambo yenu ya I don’t need A MAN !iliiiisha na Korona. Akothee Quits the Presidency of Single Mothers.



For many years single mothers have identified Akothee as their president. Have you ever heard of the term, Madam president? That’s it Akothee as single mothers refer to her. Nevertheless, Akothee has come out clearly to state that she is not interested in being a single mother. From now on, single mothers you are on your own. Moreover, She went ahead to advise those claiming to be proud single mothers to get themselves a man.

She noted that some single mothers have reached out to her presenting their frustrations. She thus promised not to post her relationship life until all single mothers get a man. She further noted that covid 19 has humbled all single mothers and thus the idea of staying single is outdated. According to her, some things cannot be replaced. For a woman to be complete, she must have a man beside her.


“Single mothers have asked me to keep my love life of social media until we all get someone, okey, I have heard you 🤦 but how will I know you all are ready ? 🤣🤣🤣. I am sorry for making you feel bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣, but remember💃💃💃💃💃💃 Every woman needs a man to keep her comonsenses in check, God was not stupid to ask Noah to build an ark that could accommodate 2,2,2
Wewe ni nani kupigana na mwili.somethings can’t be replaced, if this relationship doesn’t work, keep trying until you get it right ..”


Many fans a gree with her. SOme felt that th phrase” I don’t need a man is a scam and usually used as a consolation by those who can’t handle a man.  Do you a gree?


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