Meet Mwana WA Mary Junior; Arrested By Kenyan Government for Helping Kenyans In Saudi Arabia

Mwana Wa Mary

99 out of every 100 stories we hear about Kenyans in Saudi Arabia are sad sad stories. We have seen videos of our desperate sisters crying for help in Saudi Arabia but no one has ever come out and explained how these people get help.

Moreover, several people have died in Saudi Arabia forcing the family and friends to contribute in order to return the bodies of their loved ones to Kenya. What is even more appalling is that the situation in Kenya is forcing many women to go to gulf countries to look for jobs. It’s easy to judge them until one has a starving child with no source of income.

In an interview on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL Live) two ladies who had completely opposite experiences in Saudi put it clear that the Kenyan government is unwilling to help Kenyans who go to gulf countries. It is expected that the government should follow up and enlighten people on which channels to use to avoid cartels who trick and sell Kenyans as slaves.

Although the ladies had opposing experiences, they all agreed that the guy named Mwana Wa Mary Junior was of great help to those in gulf countries. His major contribution was not just speaking out whenever something went wrong but rather he mobilized people to contribute and help one of them in case there was a problem

Upon hearing this story, Daily Post Spot did some research and confirmed that indeed he used to sensitize people regarding the quality of life in Saudi. “Mwana Wa Mary Junior was arrested in February 2021 for allegedly taking up government’s work.” The ladies said. Is right it to go after a person who is helping instead of going after real cartels (human traffickers) hiding under the name ‘agencies’?

Nonetheless, many feel that the lady Lorna who was in JKL and previous in an interview on Tuko has something fishy going on as she is making everything seem very good In fact, she says Saudi is the best place to go and that more Kenyan ladies should go there. Do you think the lady Lorna is a Victim of A part of an Agency luring ladies into going to Saudi? Something about her makes me think she is not genuine, in fact, I can’t resist thinking that she paid to get the first interview on Tuko.

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