Meru Senator Mithika Linturi Accused of Accidentally Sleeping with Someone’s Wife.


Meru Senator has moved to court to stop his arrest over the charges of attempted rape following a scenario that allegedly transpired in Nanyuki. It is alleged that Linturi went to Maiyai Resort, Nanyuki Where he found someone else sleeping.

Immediately Linturi entered the room and started caressing the woman. During all this time the husband was away and the woman was taking a nap. After caressing, making love for 30 minutes, and taking a nap, the husband knocked on the door only to find the wife with someone else (Mithika Linturi).

Although doing such an act would be a rape case, many Kenyans don’t seem to fall for it. The story leaves so many unanswered questions and this makes people doubt whether it is actually possible let alone true. Firstly, the woman was not drugged as she remembers everything they did with Linturi. How come she didn’t notice something is different.

Secondly, did they have sex for 30 minutes without the woman noticing uttering a slight word? Or perhaps Linturi Mimmicked her husband? If that’s the case, Linturi must be a master in his craft. Finally, it is alleged that they took a nap after having sex? Is this even possible? Why would Linturi take a nap in someone else’s lodging knowing that he would be caught?



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