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Oshwal: Kenyans and their Appetite for School Land


When it comes to land matters, no other country can match Kenya’s appetite. Apparently, affinity for grabbed land has intensified to a point where school land is no longer safe. Recently, children at Langata Primary school were tear gassed after staging demonstrations over grabbed land belonging to a certain ‘big man’.

Additionally, the Ruaraka school land issue almost turned ugly were it not for the government’s intervention. However, the Daily Post spot can authoritatively confirm that the government bought its own land and this was a ploy to steal funds.

Currently, Visa Oshwal is embroiled in a case against members of its board of trustees who have decided to convert the school’s land to private ownership. Visa Oshwal has been a reputable learning center and they do not deserve such.

Fortunately, Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President; Nelson Havi has vowed to help the institution fight for its land at the appellate court. The emerging land saga points to a culture where impunity is tolerated in the country. Greed has become synonymous with some Kenyans who won’t mind compromising the future of some children just for economic gains. Well, citizens need to become actively involved in land matters before we lose the country too!

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