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Revealed: The real reason why Devki group has pulled out of Mumias takeover bid

Devki Group of companies is arguably one of the most respectable investment groups in Kenya. Unlike other corporate entities known for using underhand tactics to influence growth, Devki group is built on honesty and sheer hard work. Additionally, Devki is truthful in its corporate social responsibility and not cheap PR antics.

At the beginning of the covid pandemic, Devki group was at the forefront in providing oxygen tanks to help save lives. Apparently, Devki group’s chairman, Narendra Raval Guru was willing to liquidate his business to support Kenyans. This corporation continues to show unwavering commitment towards Kenya and her people. Unfortunately, there are some individuals whose sole purpose is to erode Devki group’s goodwill. 

Earlier this week, Devki group had placed a bid to take over the collapsed Mumias sugar. Company. With the business acumen shown by Narendra Raval and his companies, Mumias was certainly destined to return to its glory days.

The 5 billion shillings bid would have seen the Devki group formulate a revival plan that would create jobs for local youths and fuel economic growth in the Western region. However, Devki was forced to pull out of the bidding process due to interference by external forces.

According to a public statement released by Devki group, the corporation’s decision to revoke their bid was informed by the huge public outcry that demanded a public bidding process. However, it is evident beyond reasonable doubt that there was interference by politicians from the region. As it is the common norm, Kenyan politicians must shamelessly solicit kickbacks from any investor.

The greed among politicians is responsible for the deplorable state of the economy as investors no longer find Kenya as a habitable business environment due to the tax regime and the extortion rings operated by political cabals. 

Devki’s involvement in Mumias’ sugar operation signaled a brighter future for the Western region. However, politicians have again proved to be enemies of progress despite being elected to represent the plight of their people.

For Mumias and her people, it’s yet another sad day that has been occasioned by poor thinking and greed from their representatives. Maybe it is time citizens showed where the ultimate power lies!

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