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Ruto’s Daughter, June, Gets Engaged To A Nigerian Assistant Law Professor

This weekend on Saturday (8th May 2021), the Deputy vice president, William Ruto welcomed his future son In-law at his Karen home, as Alexander Ezenagu asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Alexander is an assistant law professor at Nigeria’s Hamad Bin Khalifa University and hopes to be part of Ruto’s family after marrying his daughter, June.

According to the Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Alexander is an international tax expert specializing in transfer pricing, tax law, tax planning, commercial law, and investment advisory. Ruto’s future son-in-law also has an internal tax law Ph.D. from the McGill University in Canada and he’s a graduate of Cambridge University in the UK, where he graduated with an LL.M in commercial law. Even better, Alexander holds is a graduate of Nigeria’s Ibadan University and also a solicitor and barrister of the Nigeria supreme court.

The engagement party welcomed several dignitaries and respected people in Africa, including Nigerian politician businessman and politician Osita Chidok, who praised the Kalenjin people for their strong Christian faith, similar to Nigerians. According to Osita, who was also part of June’s bride price negotiation, the negotiations went smoothly until they reached a fair price for the lovely bride. Osita further added that DP William Ruto maintained a simple and family-focused gathering for the event – which kept his role as the Deputy President at bay, focusing on being a dad for the day.

Following the engagement, which was purposely kept out of the local news, the deputy president’s family is expected to send a delegation to their future Nigerian in-laws to formalize the union. This comes as good news to the deputy president, after urging his daughter June to get married soon during politician Susan Kihika’s dowry ceremony only a few months ago.

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