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Simplified: How to Make Money online in Kenya as a Freelance Writer

Money Online

People do not disclose how much they make online as many fear that the market will be flooded. I hold a different opinion. Writing is evolving and is here to stay. Personally, I started freelance writing out of curiosity but I don’t think.  Also, I know a number of friends who make a decent income from writing. All you need to do, I do things write.

Today I’m not going to talk about writing per se, but the writing industry- — and how to make money online in Kenya as a full-time writer.
I think this information is valuable to anyone who wants to take their writing beyond content mills or any other writing accounts. Besides, many of them are biased and they pay peanuts.  Nevertheless, Upwork is a goldmine once you master your craft.

It’ll be useful to you if you don’t just want to get one client but to have lots of work that you cannot work alone…in a nutshell, if you want to build a writing empire, continue reading.

How Do You Think Content Mills Get the Work They Give You?

You’ll be surprised at the fact that many of them have full-time‘ cold mailers’, who help them reach out to potential clients.
Also, they advertise their services on Google, social media, and other platforms.
It’s that simple. Like for real! Does that sound like rocket science? If your answer was no, you can get your own clients and work independently?

I know you are still reading… stick around.

Benefits of Having Direct Clients (Dcs)

  • No rating (unless you want the clients to rate you on your website)
  • No, hidden charges (e.g. the %20 mysterious cut and the $0.15 connects fee on Upwork)
  • No account suspension (Unless you decide to suspend your own website…LOL!)
  • No, one to clock you around (Only the agreement you have with your client)
  • It’s a gold mine. Did you know content mills ask for $50 from the client only to pay you $5? Well, you can tap into that opportunity, if there’s no broker between you and the client.



So, What’s the Way Forward?


Yes, I know… I repeated that so many times. Some will say, send a few high-quality cold emails, but I say, send many high-quality cold emails. Why? You are not sure whether the client needs a writer or not.
If you reach out to five people who don’t need writers, your high-quality emails may not help you after all. The more the number of high-quality emails you send, the higher the chances of you landing a good client.

Join Freelance writing Facebook Groups and be active. Groups can be a great source of information regarding where to start. Personally, I got all the information to start my online writing career from the group.  Join our Online writing Group here.

Aim Higher Every Time

If your current client pays you $0.03 per word, raise your price to $0.04 per word when looking for new clients.

The Hook Is King

What makes you open some emails and mark others as spam even before you open them? The answer is easy, you open the ones that hook you up and close the ones that don’t.
Don’t just hook the client with the subject line, on the contrary use hook after hook; let them read the email from the beginning to the end. Well, that’s a long story…but is easier than you think.


Some time back, I used to freak out when clients get rude to me or fail to respond to my bids. But these days, I don’t give a damn. After all, chances are incredibly high that I’ll never meet any of the clients. If you want to make it as a freelancer, learn to ignore minor things. Just like social media comments, it’s never too serious.

Must You Have a Website? 

Yes, a website enhances trust. It shows the client you are sure of what you are saying… It’s your office. And yes, many clients will not open documents. No one wants to fill their computers with irrelevant docs. Moreover, they are not sure whether you are sending them malware or not.

Is All Lost if I Don’t Have a Website?

Absolutely not, you can focus on guest posting before creating your own website. With that said, I’m giving an opportunity to interested individuals. If you are interested, I’m will publish 2 articles for you (for free)…to get you started. You can use trello to manage your projects if you already have alot of work.


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