The Tragic Death of Gengetone; Why Gengetone Was Dead On arrival

Gengetone Min


Believe it or not, Gengetone is dead! Kenyan Music industry Is so competitive that only the most talented and creative artists like Mejja last long enough in the industry to witness the first birthday of their career. This is mostly contributed by the fact that Kenya does not rely on a single genre like Countries like Uganda. Also, this is what makes it hard to talk about Kenyan music. The music is as diverse as the Kenyans themselves

There have been many waves in the Kenyan Music industry including, twist and Genge. Almost every musician in the Country does their art in a unique way apart from the Gengetone, Genge, and the twist artists. Gengetone is Charateristesd by strong beats, a unique dancing style, a lot of noise and screaming in the songs, and vulgar language.

When the wave of Gengetone came, there was an interview featuring a popular Dj and Willis Raburu whereby they concluded that if Gengetone artists don’t think of another approach, the idea of Gengetone was dead on arrival.

Firstly, Gengetone uses a single beat which makes it hard for the artists to be creative, moreover, the dancing styles are limited and thus the new artists could not invent new styles and still call it Gengetone. Due to this inconsistency, Gengetone is dying slowly as the artists are not producing new songs and those that are producing new songs do not make a significant impact in the industry.

Many Gengetone artists have shifted to other genres of music including Genge, hip hop, afro-fusion, and the other types of rap. Undoubtedly, Gengetone will suffer the same fate as the other genres suffered. The only difference is that its fame was short-lived.

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