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Trouble in KNUT as Auctioneers Raid Their Offices Over Ksh1.4 Debt

Hesbon Otieno Knut Adobespark

Auctioneers today Thursday 1, 2021 raided the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) head office in Nairobi along Mfangano Street over a loan of 1.4 million shillings and the attached property.

In his maiden speech, newly elected Secretary-General Collins Oyuu admitted that the union was financially crippled. However, his deputy Hesbon Otieno said they were not informed about the debt. The auctioneers took away furniture among other items.

The union has a lot of pending payments among them some staff salaries dating back to 2019. KNUT had also shut several offices following their cash woes.

Just three years ago, the union was receiving around 144 million in monthly dues. This changed when KNUT started wrangles with TSC. Their membership dwindled bringing their members to 15,000 and their monthly dues to 12 million.

Consequently, the union cannot afford the high perks that the officials used to earn. Further, it no longer has money to run its usual programs such as training, capacity building, teachers’ reward program among others.

“We are not aware of this debt. Clearly, financially crippled and some leaders had dealings we are not aware of. We shall get to know and fix them.” Hesbon said.

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