Vera Sidika Praises Husband, Brown Mauzo For Tattooing her Name on his Body to Prove his Love

Brown Mauzo


People have different ways to prove their love. Well, Socialite Vera Sidika has taken to social media to praise her husband coast-born Musician eRBrown Mauzo for tattooing her name on his hands to prove that he loves her. Although (Veronica Shikwekwe)Vera Sidika has dated many men in the past, she seems to be obsessed with Mauzo.

Sidika is pregnant with Mauzo’s Baby and she has constantly flaunted her husband on her social media platforms. As Usual, Kenyans have reacted after the Socialite posted photos of brown Mauzo on her social media platforms. While some are congratulating and wishing them all the best in their marriage, others, feel that their love is not genuine and that they are just clout chasing.

Tattooing someone’s name on the body is a tricky move as one might find it hard to delete the names from the body considering that tattoos are permanent. So, many feel that the tattoos are temporary as they expect Mauzo to be cautious.

It has become a trend in Kenya that every time a musician want’s to produce a song, they clout chase first to ensure that their new release gets views ASAP. For that reason, some feel that Musician Brown Mauzo is clout chasing. Can you Tattoo the name of your love on your body?

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