Video: Omosh and The First Wife ask Kenyans for Another Boost to Build Her A House



Weeks after Kenyans built Omosh a new house, Omosh and her first wife have come out to plead with Kenyans to build a house for her. Mrs. Ngatia has revealed that although they were both actors at Tahidi high, life has not been easy for them.

Moreover, she revealed that she has been living in a Ksh 5000 bedsitter in Kayole with her three children and she has not been able to pay for the last 2 months. In an interview with Hiram Maina, Omosh and the wife said that life has become better for the second wife, but the first wife is still struggling.

“Mimi ata one bedroom ya mabati, I will gladly occupy it. Also, I don’t care nitajengewa wapi. Bwanangu ndiye ataamua mahali atanijengea. We have a land in Karura and another one in Thika but baba yake alisema nijengewe Karura.” Wife.

“Although it is shameful to plead to Kenyans twice, I have no alternative. Maisha ni ngumu especially juu niko na bibi wawili” Omosh. Omosh also said that watu wanmuita muombaji but yenye huomba God. The wife said that the landlord has shamed her several times more so because he knows Omosh and the wife are both celebrities. How come they can’t pay rent?


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