Watashindwa Kulima: Women Reject the New Contraceptive For Men Meant to Be Rubbed on Men Shoulders


For decades now, the burden of birth control lies heavily on women. This is not an easy thing as contraceptives are not always effective and many of them have dangerous side effects. The only contraceptive men use is the use of condoms but many don’t like it. The disadvantage of the currently proposed birth control method is that it does not prevent other sexually transmitted diseases.

Recently, scientists have been testing a new birth control method for men, gel, whereby men will rub the gel on their shoulders every day. Experts say that doing this will lower the spam count to zero, which means that one cannot get a child as long as he keeps running the contraceptive on the shoulders. Nonetheless, scientists claim that the spam count will increase gradually once one stops using the contraceptive.

Women have reacted to this proposal but not every woman seems to appreciate the idea of men doing anything that will affect their hormonal balance. While some feel that the method cannot be trusted, others fear that it will affect men’s performance in bed or even make them lose interested in making love. Well, this is true to some extent as scientists have clarified that some men will experience mood swings due to less production of testosterone.

Moreover, women have said that a man should remain a man in order to remain energetic and perform his duties well. Instead of contraceptives, men should focus on eating healthy so they can have enough energy to do their work. The subject of men’s contraceptives has been elusive for a long time now as it faces criticism from both men and women. The only birth control methods at men’s disposal right now are the use of condoms and discectomy.

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