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What Are the Different Types of Mosquitoes?

There is nothing as disturbing as the buzzing sound mosquitoes produce in your ears while you are having a peaceful slumber. These small insects are feared to be the deadliest animals due to the diseases they transmit. They are the leading cause of malaria transmission which leads to the death of millions of people. Thankfully, not all mosquitoes are harmful to humans.

Literally, there are thousands of diverse species of mosquitoes. Well, let’s explore a few different types of these insects.


Ever known not all mosquitoes consume blood? These species feed on plant nectar. So the next time you hear a mosquito buzzing in your garden do not kill it yet, it might be trying to survive. The ironic part is their larvae feed on the larvae of other types of mosquitoes. Nature is intriguing. These animals can coexist freely with humans for they do not pose any danger to them.


These species of mosquitoes are mainly found in Asian countries. They are easily identified because they have a black and white striped body. You can easily avoid their bites; they attack mostly during the day. Yellow fever, West Nile virus, and Denge are known to be transmitted by these insects.

Keep changing water in your flower pots and vases for they like laying eggs in those places. They thrive well in warmer than cooler climates.


This type of mosquito is mainly recognized by its body shape which is slanted. They are known to bite when darkness sets in till dawn. That is quite annoying especially after a long day at work and there they are to keep you company. Anophelex mosquitoes are not dangerous despite the itching since they rarely carry malaria.


These species are mostly found in polluted water that has been left standing for a long period. They are quite distinctive with their pale brown color and white stripes. They are mostly found in northern parts of the United States. The female mosquitoes can lay around 50 to 400 eggs at one time anywhere. They are harmful to humans for they transmit parasites and different viruses.

Finally, Mosquitoes are believed to kill more people than any other animal each year. The disease-causing organisms caused by their bites lead to the transmission of various diseases. Always seek preventive measures to curb the vice.

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