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Where is Lucy? Family queries as her Car is Found With no Leads to her Whereabouts

It’s a sad night as another day ends without tracing the 32 years Lucy Wanjiku Gacheri. Lucy, popularly known as LG Shiks went missing on 25th June 2021 and has not been reachable since.

  • Earlier, Lucy’s car was found outside Nyayo House with no hints of her whereabouts. It is believed that is where she did her last drop-off at around 7:30 pm on the fateful day. Jim Cabs management traced her car – a Toyota Fielder after noticing the car was immobile for hours.
  • There are no leads to her disappearance yet as the car was found intact with only her phone and driving license. The case was reported at Central Police Station.

Lucy is a jovial mother of a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old. According to her closest friend Kami, she is a jolly person but had become a bit detached and seemed disturbed.

Before COVID-19, Lucy was working as a tour consultant but had to compliment her income when her business went down causing her to cancel trips and look for ways to meet her needs. She then joined Jim Cabs and has been working as a driver since.

Anyone with details about her whereabouts can call 0714105227 or report to the nearest police station.

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