Why are Abductions On the Rise in Kenya?


Recently, Kenyans have been treated to a wave of kidnappings child abductions in Kenya that have elicited sharp debate over the safety of citizens and the role of law enforcement. Initially, kidnappings were mainly targeted towards rich foreigners who were in the country for business or travel. However, kidnappers have become greedier and are targeting minors as young as two years. So, what might have inspired the spate of abductions?

Well, the economic turmoil and the adverse effects brought by Covid-19 have triggered desperation for money. Nowadays, it is all about survival hence most Kenyans are willing to go the extra mile just to meet their needs.

On the other hand, some kidnappings are informed by vengeance. Most shockingly, there are kidnappings that are pure greed where victims connive their abductors to extort money from their loved ones.

While abductors might feel justified to commit their acts, the pain caused to families who lose loved ones is immeasurable. Law enforcement as usual must wait until it is too late before they can act. The justice system ought to get to the root of the evils bedeviling the country. If the situation is not checked, Kenya will go to the dogs!

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