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You Were Late, the Flight was On-Time: Joho’s Attempt to Blast SafariLink Airline Backfires Terribly.

On 21st May 2021, Governor Ali Hasan Joho posted on social media trying to impugn Safari Link Airline for what he referred to as unprofessional, unreliable, and uncouth behavior. Apparently, Joho Missed a flight an instance that happened to many who are not able to keep time. Even prominent people, rush to catch a flight. In other words, there is no room for lateness as far as passenger flights are concerned.

“In this ever increasingly competitive world, the aviation industry has no place for such unprofessional, unreliable and uncouth behavior as exhibited by Safarilink,” Governor Joho In a tweet.

“We understand you arrived at Vipingo Airstrip at 4:04 pm which is part of the departure time. As a premier airline, we offer an on-time service for all our flights. We also need to respect our other customers who were on time and on board,” SafariLink Airline.

Perhaps, Joho wanted to use his influence to discredit the company but it worked against him and he ended up marketing the airline. Some netizens told him to claim payment for the marketing services he did for the company. In Its response, the Safari Link Airline, Said that Joho Arrived late and thus they were unable to serve him Additionally, they give him a chance to rebook the flight without any penalties.

“Mr. Ali Hassan Joho

1. Arrive on time for your flight.

2. A flight is not a matatu ride.

3. You were late (!), flight was on time.

4. Stop misusing your office.

5. Stop playing victim.

6. Respect Safarilink Aviation.

7. Heshimu riziki za watu nanii.”  @johnnjenga

Moreover, many congratulated the Fly Safari Link company for caring about the other passengers instead just thinking about a single passenger. Many feel that the airline should not even be apologetic since all they did was keep time.

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